Waiver for Wedding Glass Kits

Mazel Tov from Get2Give Glassworks. We are excited to be able to provide you with this artisanal Wedding Glass for an upcoming simcha. This is an incredibly meaningful tradition and this cup was designed to be broken but remember glass shards will be sharp. In using this Wedding Cup you acknowledge and accept the inherent risk associated with breaking a glass item and creating shards, releasing Get2Give glassworks of any liability. If you are providing this Kit as a gift, you agree to inform the recipients of the preceding waiver of liability..  

The simcha sack in your kit is made up of a plastic liner bag and cloth outer bag.  Please place the cup inside of both and seal the top by wrapping and tying the ribbon securely.  Please use care when stomping on the cup including wearing of a hard bottomed shoe and placing the pouch on a hard surface. You do not need to open or handle the glass directly as you can place the tied bag into the box for drop-off or shipping to the Get2Give studio.